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I liked the bio we had before, if we can tweak that one I think it was well-written.


If not could be something like: a life-long music lover, Andrew loves listening to and playing new music whether on the piano, drums, or DJ controller.


His passion for virtually all genres of music is unbridled and he’s always seeking out new kinds to share and play!

How do you help students reach their musical goals?

I get to know them, ask questions, and assess exactly what they want. Then we make a roadmap to reach their goals and we make sure we’re working, reviewing, and tracking each step.

What made you want to become a teacher?

Love of music!

What is your favorite thing about music?

The Feels man

What are your 3 favorite albums right now?

  • Low-Hey What

  • Steve Hauschildt-Strands

  • Charli XCX-Charli

What are your musical goals long-term?

Become far more proficient in piano, DJ, Drums, recording software. Would love to record and release a few solo albums!

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