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Joe Barbieri is a musician and composer based in New York City.  He has been a piano player for more than 16 years, playing many genres of music including Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Rock, and Contemporary.


Joe is also a composer for various forms of media such as films, commercials, and promos.  Many of his films have been showcased in film festivals across the East Coast, some of which have won awards.  He enjoys setting his original scores to visual media.


As an educator, Joe has worked with students of all ages and skill levels.  He has directed a wide number of ensembles, from jazz bands to choirs.  Joe shares his love of music with each of his students and tailors each lesson to their interests and learning style.

Subjects Taught:

- Piano (Beg - Adv)
- Voice (Beg - Int)
- Composition and Arranging (Beg - Adv)
- Digital Audio Workstation 101 (Beg - Adv) 
- Film Scoring (Beg - Adv)
- Jazz Improvisational Techniques (Beg - Adv)

Group Classes:
- Jazz band (Beg - Adv)
- Rock Band (Beg - Adv)
- Choir (Beg - Int)

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