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Born and raised in Queens, New York Tommy Kavounidis discovered his love for the bouzouki at age 13. After a year of practice, he began studying how to play the guitar.


Highly influenced from Rock, Classical, Jazz, and world styles Tommy created a unique and tasteful approach to his instruments that paved the way for his musical journey. These diverse influences have helped inspire Tommy during his time at Berklee college of Music.


His degree in guitar performance and minor in music production and engineering has helped to elevate his experience and diversity in the profession.

How do you help students reach their musical goals?

Creating a plan is the most important thing to have a student achieve their goals. We create a plan from where they are at now to where they want to be and create a plan on how to get to their end goals in music.

What made you want to become a teacher?

I never wanted to become a teacher, well at least I thought I did. I went to school to become a music teacher and slowly realized it wasn't my end goal. I wanted to preform and travel the world. It just so happens that I'm a really good teacher and have helped many students achieve their goals, so I continued to teach and inspire.

What is your favorite thing about music?

My favorite thing about music is how it connects people and emotions together

What are your 3 favorite albums right now?

I will never have a favorite album as it's always changing in the heat of the moment, but you can never go wrong with Pink Floyd's "Darkside of the moon", Becks "Morning Phase" and Deli Teli latest album "Tsifteteli Club."

What are your musical goals long-term?

My long-term music goals are they I will one be playing Greek Rebetika multiple times at MSG and around the world. People especially Greek must never forget that at one point in time the Greek music you hear today was not allowed to be played and could get you arrested.

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